Clean your face mask from mould and bacteria naturally

I have recently written about filtration systems and their effectiveness in purifying the air.  I go into quite some detail and if you want to read it click here. There are many devices that filter air including home and commercial air conditioners and MASKS.  

I am not going to talk about the effectiveness of masks, there has been substantial media coverage of this.  What I will say, is that a mask acts just like all other filters in that it will collect dust and germs on both the inside and outside.  In addition, you will breathe your own internal flora of germs onto the inside of the mask.  Not only that, you will breathe moisture onto the mask and through this simple action you will commence creating a microclimate on the mask that will be suitable for mould, bacteria and other germs to grow.

Mould and bacteria are ubiquitous to our environment.  Cold, hot, humid,  mild climates all have these organisms in the air.  I have tested air on beautiful sunny clear sky days as well as bad air pollution bushfire days.  Again, have a look at my recent article on this here.

All this leads to  –> if you use a mask you should clean it regularly from the contaminants it collects.  Washing with water is not enough and using detergents may degrade the mask.

Disinfect your mask with SAN-AIR Saftey Equipment spray. Before putting it on and after you have finished using it,  spray a light mist over the outer and inner parts of the mask and let air dry. That’s it! Simple, quick, effective and natural.  No toxic chemicals in SAN-AIR.

Our pocket-sized sanitiser is easy to put in your pocket or handbag so it is always in easy access.

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