More Than Just Fresh Air and Clean Surfaces, Focusing on Holistic Wellness and Health

San-Air products for the removal of mould, bacteria and microorganisms for healthy air around you

SAN-AIR is an Australian-based company expanding its network to Malaysia with the goal to provide the highest quality and most effective products for the removal of MOULD, BACTERIA, VIRUS and other microorganisms in indoor air spaces while only using natural sustainable ingredients. In alignment with the current global pandemic, SAN-AIR’s line of products is lab-tested, receiving a Therapeutic Goods Administration listing, Eurofins, EPA from US – a certification confirming that the products remove 99.9% of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, from treated air.

“We felt a deep responsibility to help solve for a major concern faced by everyone globally as the pandemic surged and is now becoming endemic. We knew that the emergence of this new normal meant that air quality would matter more than ever. My personal effort was to create a revolutionary line of products to improve air quality and cleanliness while still offering an affordable solution for homes, workspaces, rooms, buildings or wherever we are”, said Danial Massaioli, Founder And Executive Director Of San-Air.

Upon being carefully curated by Danial Massaioli, SAN-AIR’s products include breakthrough technology. It includes a unique and proprietary mix of carefully selected Australian organic essential oils. It is blended to produce products with powerful microbial reduction properties at a low dosage to ensure the safety of the users. Essentially, SAN-AIR’s vision is to become a leading global Indoor Air Quality Company continuously delivering the purest and safest air quality directly into indoor environments 24 hours a day. Offering a suite of holistic and environmentally sustainable solutions for the control of airborne mould, bacteria and viruses, empowering individuals and organisations to take control of their Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

Listed below are all SAN-AIR products:

  • Air Purifier Bio-Clean Gel
  • Premium Range Purifying Spray
  • Split System Bio-Clean Gel
  • LD Concentrate Surface Sanitiser
  • SAN-Wear Pendant Set (Round & Cross)
  • SAN-Wear Kids Strap Set
  • Purifying Oil
San-Air products are 100% natural, sustainable and of high-quality, ensuring the safety of all users

SAN-AIR products are now being launched across Malaysia. It is 100% natural, sustainable and of high quality, ensuring the safety of all users. At the core of everything, SAN-AIR doesn’t merely claim it works, but rather it is proven to work. (refer to appendix for certifications and independent test results)



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