Bracelet Set

Bracelet Set


It’s time to include an elegant purifying oil diffuser bracelet in your daily wear, especially one with the ability to protect you anytime, anywhere. This Bracelet Set purifies, traps and removes 99.97% of airborne bacteria and viruses whilst distributes clean, fresh air and a natural aroma. With the rising concerns of airborne bacteria, viruses and mould, this bracelet will ensure your safety and well-being, whenever, wherever.

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Direction of Use

Each box of SAN-WEAR includes:-
• 1 unit of Diffuser Bracelet & 1 unit of 5ml Bottle of SAN-AIR Purifying Oil & Assorted Felt Sponges.
• Drop two (2) drops of SAN-AIR Purifying Oil on a felt sponge of your choice and place in the provided diffuser bracelet for up to 48-hours of protection.

Product Application

• Individual use (as a bracelet) for daily wear.

What Makes This Product Different

• With a virus lingering around us, the SAN-WEAR bracelet allows us to feel safe about the air we’re breathing. A refreshing and natural aroma that will quickly fill the room and replace unpleasant odours with a clean scent as it purifies the air.
• The purifying oil blend present as a subtle yet stylish accessory is best to combat adverse effects of viruses, bacteria and germs 24/7.
• Infused with Antioxidant Properties that focuses on holistic well-being especially for children, the old-age and pregnant women. (safe to be used around your furry friends and plants too).

Product Ingredients

San-Air proprietary essential oils, purified water, natural binding agents (contains no petroleum based ingredients).


• Food Safe Certification
• Helps Comply with AS/NZS 3666.2
• SAN-AIR V3R gel tested effectively kills COVID-19 (MHV-1)


• Size: Free size
• Lifetime: 3 months (once opened)
• Results: Kills 99.97% viruses and bacteria in the air whilst diffusing a soothing aroma for overall well-being and protection.


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