Round Pendant Set

Round Pendant Set


A purifying oil diffuser designed into a trendy necklace that is perfect for long lasting protection. The pendant set purifies, traps and removes 99.97% of airborne bacteria and viruses whilst distributes clean, fresh air and a natural aroma. A diverse product with the perfect combination of protection, well-being and chic to match your outfit.

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Direction of Use

Each box of SAN-WEAR includes :-
• 1 unit of Diffuser Pendant & 1 unit of 5ml Bottle of SAN-AIR Purifying Oil & Assorted Felt Sponges.
• Drop two (2) drops of SAN-AIR Purifying Oil on a felt sponge of your choice and place in the provided diffuser pendant for up to 48-hours of protection.

Product Application

• Individual use (as a necklace) for daily wear.

What Makes This Product Different

• With the COVID-19 virus lingering around us, SAN-WEAR pendant is a personal and close to heart solution that can be worn for long lasting protection. It has a refreshing and natural aroma that will quickly fill the room and replace unpleasant odours with a clean scent as it purifies the air.
• The purifying oil blend present as a trendy accessory is best to combat adverse effects of viruses, bacteria and germs, while you’re on-the-go.
• Infused with Antioxidant Properties that focuses on holistic well-being especially for children, the old-age and pregnant women. (safe to be used around your furry friends and plants too).

Product Ingredients

• San-Air Proprietary Essential oil, Almond oil.


• Food Safe Certification
• Helps Comply with AS/NZS 3666.2
• SAN-AIR V3R gel tested effectively kills COVID-19 (MHV-1)


• Pendant size : 30 mm
• Shelf life of essential oil : 3 months (upon opening)
• Results: Kills viruses and bacteria in the air whilst diffusing a soothing aroma for overall well-being.


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